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hi, I would like to know how to solve this problem using wireshark. Problem Download big file and calculate throughput, compare to theoretical bandwidth - Theoretical: Transmission time (in seconds) = Size of file (in bits) / Bandwidth (in bits/second) and Throughput: Throughput (in bits) = Size of file (in bits) / Transmission time (in seconds).

asked 28 Oct '12, 06:13

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if I understand this correctly, simply so to Statistics-> I/O graphs -> and change your Y axis units to Bits/Tick

(28 Oct '12, 06:35) thetechfirm

That is probably not exact enough, and doesn'twork well when the throughput is not constant but goes faster and slower over time...

(28 Oct '12, 07:44) Jasper ♦♦

My approach would be: find the TCP session in which the transfer takes place, and calculate the throughput. Usually this is simple in test traces, because the download is the only large transfer and thus easily spotted. Open the conversation statistics and look for the largest TCP conversation. Filter on it (popup menu, A <-> B), set a time reference on the SYN packet, go to the last packet, read relative time and cummulative bytes (you might need to add the according colum first). After that you can use your formula. Or you just look at the throughput in the Summary statistics after filtering the flow. Homework assignment complete.

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answered 28 Oct '12, 15:25

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