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I select the Follow TCP Stream for analyzis a communication, in the first section (A->B) in red color, the first is a GET (URL), next there is a field: radio= radio&email then there is a email address what mean it? IT is "re-link" me and it attempts send a mail?

asked 09 Nov '12, 07:47

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can you please post that GET request, including the 'radio' part? Without that it's hard to give any useful answer.

(09 Nov '12, 11:45) Kurt Knochner ♦

GET /example/example/c5.....(URL characters)....dvcmQ!/? radio=radio&[email protected] HTTP /1.1

I guess radio= is part of URL, what do you think??

Thanks Kurt!!!!!!

(12 Nov '12, 06:28) jgarzam

That's a parameter to the page. All elements after the "?" are parameters in the form "name=value", with multiple parameters separated by "&".

So the parameter name is radio and the value is radio. Probably due to a radio button on the form that generated the request.

(12 Nov '12, 06:50) grahamb ♦

thanks Kurt, thanks grahamb, I really learn something today!!!!

(13 Nov '12, 07:25) jgarzam

See, for example, the the "Forms in HTML documents" chapter of the HTML 4.01 specification. It specifies how fields in HTML forms are used to generate the "query" part of a URI sent in response to, for example, a button pushed on that form.

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answered 12 Nov '12, 11:45

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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thanks very much Guy Harris, I will check the page, I need read it for learn about HTML, thanks!!!

(13 Nov '12, 07:26) jgarzam
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