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Any more help here? I am particularly interested in looking at WhatsApp chats on Blackberry. I know there are certain whatsapp chats being deleted and I won wondering:

  • Is there a way to auto backup or auto save WhatApp chats on their device which can be retrieved after they delete the chats? I have access the the phone and can install whatever app I need

-How can intercep or sniffer Whatsapp on Blackberry using Wifi?

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Regarding your Questions about the internals of WhatsApp:

  • As we don't have insight into the application, it is impossible to answer the question about their ability to delete chats. Looking at it from a pure technical standpoint: The application runs on your Phone and manages the whole WhatsApp communication and data storage. So, yes technically it would be possible to delete single chats. But why should they do that? I suggest to ask this question in a forum related to WhatsApp.

  • I don't know whether it's possible to backup any WhatsApp data and I suggest to ask this question in a forum related to WhatsApp.

-How can intercep or sniffer Whatsapp on Blackberry using Wifi?

WhatsApp communication is now encrypted, so you won't have any chance to decrypt that communication with Wireshark. See also the following question:

So again: If you want to capture WhatsApp traffic, I suggest to ask this question in a forum related to WhatsApp. Maybe there is a way to do that on the Phone itself. However that is totally unrelated to Wireshark.

UPDATE: According to the WhatsApp FAQ, it's possible to save the chat history to a "media card" (flash drive).

So, if you think you lost any chats, it cloud be

  • due to write errors on the "media card" (disk full, card broken, etc.)
  • OR due to some secret chat delete feature in the application
  • OR due to bug in the application
  • OR due to a classical layer 8 problem, namely: the user simply deleted the chat

Guess what I believe is the most probable reason for the missing chats? ;-)


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answered 11 Nov '12, 01:30

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