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Hi all,

I have been running tshark on a clean ubuntu server for a few weeks, but i've noticed something odd in the timestamps of each logfile, while i setup the duration to be each hour..

for example:

Nov 19 04:05 example1.cap

Nov 19 05:05 example2.cap

Nov 19 06:05 example3.cap

Nov 19 08:59 example4.cap

Nov 19 09:59 example5.cap

As can be seen there´s a time gap between example3.cap and example4.cap

This is the command i've been using: nohup tshark -i eth0 -t ad -w /var/log/filename.cap -b duration:3600 &

I´m worrying about this since there are specific random network problems appearing, because they might happen in these gaps..

Does anyone have an explanation for this, and what i should be doing=

asked 19 Nov '12, 02:20

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That's where editcap can help.

editcap -t 300 input.cap output.cap

This will adjust the timestamp for +300 seconds. See the man page for editcap.

You can do the same in Wireshark itself (please use the latest version).

Open the capture file and then:

Edit -> Time Shift


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answered 19 Nov '12, 03:05

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Thanks for the answer!

(07 Dec '12, 07:27) ChrsL

you're welcome.

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(07 Dec '12, 07:44) Kurt Knochner ♦
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