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I have a network for testing MPLS protocol.(PC-Switch-RouterLER1-Sw-LSR1-Sw-RLSR2-sw-RLER2-sw-PC) I have monitoring each segment to see MPLS label with Wireshark.

Last year this pratice operate!

This year Wireshark capture packet except the frame with MPLS label.

How configure Wireshark to capture frame with MPLS?

Christophe Varin

asked 20 Nov '12, 05:58

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edited 20 Nov '12, 06:27

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Jaap ♦

Last year you had a different PC to capture with?

(20 Nov '12, 06:28) Jaap ♦

Wireshark for linux operate normally with mpls! But not with os windows

(21 Nov '12, 05:53) Christophe85

this may be a nic driver issue then...

(21 Nov '12, 08:58) Jasper ♦♦

It seems you have changed hardware and Operating System compared to last years experiment. Especially on Windows you are very dependent on the capabilities and settings of the network card and its driver with respect to how much you can get of the original frame present on the wire.

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answered 21 Nov '12, 09:24

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Jaap ♦
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Now with os linux is operate normally , with os window 2 stations operate normally and capture frame mpls and 2 stations exactly the same don't capture mpls frame. Probably a difference is operating mode.

i stop the analys for the year!


(22 Nov '12, 05:19) Christophe85
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