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I have GTP encapsulated traffic. So one IP package contains 2 IP addresses:

  • The address of the IP package
  • The address of the GTP encapsulated IP package

When I specify ip.src as display filter or as "field" in tshark I only get the address of the encapsulated ip traffic.

Can anyone tell me how I can display the ip address of the original ip package ?

Thanks, Ralf

asked 17 Sep '10, 04:34

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In tshark you can use the option "-E occurrence=<f|l|a>", where "f" means the first occurrence of a field with multiple instances, "l" means last occurrence and "a" means all occurrences. If you select "a", then all occurrences are aggregated by a comma by default, but this can be changed by the "-E aggregator=<char>" option.

This functionality does not (yet) exist for Wireshark's custom columns.

Update 22 September: I just submitted new code that will make it possible to select the occurrence in Wireshark too. In a few hours there will be an automated build at

(make sure you pick a file with a number higher than 34186, otherwise the patch will not be in it)

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answered 17 Sep '10, 05:31

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SYN-bit ♦♦
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Yep. That solved my problem.

Thanks, Ralf

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answered 17 Sep '10, 10:51

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(17 Sep '10, 11:00) Gerald Combs ♦♦

Hi Ralf, glad it solved your problem!

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Cheers, Sake

(17 Sep '10, 11:01) SYN-bit ♦♦
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