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Protocol registration in spite of protocol being disabled


Hello. I observed a quite strange behaviour. If I disable dissectors over [Analyze->Enabled Protocols] panel, they still are registered on their BTP/UDP/TCP... ports in [Internals->Dissector tables->Integer tables]. Is it a bug or a feature? :-)

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asked 08 Jan '13, 06:41

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This is a known bug. There was a discussion about it on the wireshark-dev mailing list last year, but no formal bug report has been opened for it yet. Feel free to open one.

answered 08 Jan '13, 08:51

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cmaynard ♦♦
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A feature ...

They are registered but disabled. (IOW: a dissector registered on a port but disabled is not called thus allowing another dissector (e.g., a heuristic dissector) to be called).

The entries shown for disabled protocols should probably have an indication as being disabled.

Feel free to file an enhancement request at bugs.wireshark.ord :)

answered 08 Jan '13, 08:07

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The problem is that no other dissector/plugin can register on these ports then! And that should be possible in my opinion. Disabled dissectors should not block anything...

(08 Jan '13, 08:14) Ewgenijkkg

I think a bit of thought and work might be required to do something like this.

As noted, feel free to file an enhancement request....

(08 Jan '13, 08:18) Bill Meier ♦♦

Done :) Thanks!

BR Ewgenij

(08 Jan '13, 09:12) Ewgenijkkg