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Hi, on windows 8 when scrolling down the graph analysis in VoIP calls, the lower half of the graph freezes, an no new information is shown there, resizing the window refreshes the friezed part. However, after scrolling the problem still exists....

EDIT# I have found that the problem exists on 1.8.x - on 1.6.x it's ok.

asked 11 Jan '13, 06:09

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I have same issue on a Win 7 64bit machine. Anyone else having these probs. Uninstall and reinstall solves problem for a short time. I can't find a trigger yet.

(31 Jan '13, 01:01) sippy

Sounds like a bug. Please raise an issue on the bug tracker, attaching any capture files that help illustrate the issue. If the captures contain sensitive information they can be marked as private so only core developers will have access to them.

(31 Jan '13, 01:20) grahamb ♦

Tried to register an account. No email received. Are you able to check why please. Same problem started today on Version 1.8.5 (SVN Rev 47350 from /trunk-1.8)

(12 Feb '13, 07:42) sippy

I submitted a bug before I found this post. It's listed here:

The more systems we confirm the problem on, the better.

(20 Feb '13, 17:19) tuba_man

I am also facing the same problem on windows 7 64bit, not sure how to go ahead on this.

(01 Oct '13, 09:17) Rahul Tyagi
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