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Currently I can capture the Bluetooth traffic using Wireshark. The way I did is following: Node A creates a PAN and paired with Node B. Then There will be an interface named pan0 in A and B. I choose pan0 as the captured interface in Wireshark, all the udp/tcp traffic can be captured.

However, the traffic is encapsulated in Ethernet format, which losses a lot of information from the Bluetooth mac layer. I am asking Can I capture the bluetooth traffic with bluetooth header format´╝č


asked 15 Jan '13, 15:34

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Please check version of your Wireshark. From version 1.10 all popular Bluetooth protocols/profiles are supported. If you have 1.6 or 1.8 try install newer Wireshark (or build from source). For Ubuntu 12.04+:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:whoopie79/ppa $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install wireshark


If you do not see "bluetoothN" interfaces, you also have too old "libpcap"... But you will able to sniffing via "usbmonN" interfaces (if you have "standard" USB Dongle). Probably Ubuntu 14.04 will have enough new libpcap/wireshark to have correct bluetooth support (

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answered 20 Mar '14, 10:27

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Whole Blueooth are now supported. There is also special Bluetooth interface named Bluetooth0 (1, 2, etc.) Also you can sniffing Bluetooth by USB (Bluetooth USB dongle).

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answered 17 Apr '13, 01:20

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Michal Labedzki
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I am also trying capture bluetooth packets using wireshark , I connected my bluetooth dongle to ubuntu PC and started wireshark but i am not able to see bluetooth interface like bluetooth0 or bluetooth1

Can you help me out enable bluetooth interface in wireshark??????

(17 Mar '14, 06:28) sreeram1443
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