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I just installed Vewrsion 1.8.4 64 bit for Windows 7. It seems to be able to capture from the machine's ethernet port, and save/load pcap files, but I can't find the File Export to plain text file option anywhere.

Has this feature been removed?

asked 18 Jan '13, 17:17

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Has this feature been removed?

No. It's been renamed, in the hopes that people will not mistakenly think that, having done an export as plain text, the resulting files can be read by Wireshark. What's being exported is the result of dissecting the packet, NOT raw packet data that Wireshark, or other packet analyzers, can directly read.

It's now File -> Export Packet Dissections -> as "Plain Text" file...

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answered 18 Jan '13, 17:29

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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Ah, very effective :) I would have been one of "those people". I am looking for a simple ascii format to exchange ethernet frames between Wireshark and a VHDL simulation run. For some reason the simple hex import feature isn't working for me, but that need's it's own question here on the forum (coming soon)..

(21 Jan '13, 10:38) gordwait

Note, the "built in" documentation for Wireshark still documents the old File Export process, (as do many stale web links) adding to the confusion..

(21 Jan '13, 10:47) gordwait
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