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Is there any way to use WireShark as a Protocol Analyzer only and disable the hability to "sniffing" the network?

My idea is to relase the software for some engeneer people here but I don't want then to grab new data, only to analyze "already captured data" for Wireshark.

Is that possible?

asked 28 Jan '13, 08:39

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Don't install the actual traffic capture software, e.g. WinPCap for Windows. For other platforms you could either remove the capture software, e.g. lipcap on linux, or restrict their access to it.

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answered 28 Jan '13, 09:10

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Hey Grahamb, thanks for your answer... just wondering how I will be able to do that since I found in the Install Guide - Cap 2.8 - Session "Install WinPcap?" page that Wireshark installer contains the latest released WinPcap installer.

I couldn't test the install since I'm waiting a lab machine in order to test it in my company but I would like to ask, is this WinPcap like a checkbox during the install process?

(28 Jan '13, 10:05) Bonacordi

Based on your comments to grahamb regarding WinPcap, it looks like you're looking for a solution on the Windows platform. In that case, in theory you could compile and release your own installer without capture support, paying special attention to the following paragraph from config.nmake:

# Optional: WinPcap developer's pack to capture network traffic.
# If you have the WinPcap developer's pack (at least version 3.0),
# set this to the directory in which the WinPcap developer's pack resides.
# If you don't have the WPdpack, comment this line out, so that
# PCAP_DIR isn't defined.

Unfortunately, just commenting out PCAP_DIR doesn't actually work. And when I renamed the WpdPack directory, compilation failed as follows:

capture_if_details_dlg_win32.c(108) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'Packet32.h': No such file or directory

So this looks like a bug that needs to be fixed first before this could be an option for you.

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answered 28 Jan '13, 10:45

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