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I am writing a dissector for parsing new data structure within the GRE. Ethernet+IPHEADER(OUTER)+GRE+Customdatastruct+Original( IP+TCP PACKET) as part of payload.

I am not sure what debugs can be turned on with Lua. My dissector is not working, it cannot parse the values inside the GRE packet. Can someone throw some light on this ?

I successed upto the point it shows GRE value as 47, flags and version as 0000, the protocol field is also displayed, beyond that it shows as DATA. It should have parsed all the fields, and also should have shown me the inner headers as well.

asked 18 Jan '11, 20:57

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Balaji Writes :

Syntax wise the code is correct, but I still cannot parse the fields below the flags and version of GRE header. Do you have a sample code as an example to parse custom headers inside GRE ? Do you have a sample code for WCCP Redirection inside GRE or IPSEC tunnels written in LUA ?

(18 Jan '11, 21:07) balaji

would you mind to post your lua code?

(30 Apr '12, 16:03) Kurt Knochner ♦
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