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Hello to everybody, I'm running wireshark on Ubuntu 12.04.2 and it looks really great. The only problem is that once I've started it and it's capturing network traffic I'm no longer able to surf in the internet. The problem remains even after that I close the program. So I can close and start wireshark as many times as I want, it always works, but after the first time I start it I cannot surf the web anymore... I also tried to do some "ping" or "ping <ip address="" of="""">" and it also does not work. Do you know what could be the reason?

Thank you very very much, and I hope this is not a super stupid question that every noob asks (I looked for it in the database but I couldn't find it).

Best, Alessandro

asked 10 Feb '13, 07:19

Alessandro%20Mammana's gravatar image

Alessandro M...
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Interface type, brand and model?

(10 Feb '13, 07:51) Jaap ♦

it's the wireless interface, the model should be Centrino Wireless-N 1000 and the brand Intel. Thank you so much, Alessandro

(10 Feb '13, 13:36) Alessandro M...

Does it have anything to do with the fact that I'm in promiscuous mode? Is it supposed to happen?

(11 Feb '13, 13:05) Alessandro M...

I don't know, monitor mode and promiscuous mode can do funny things with wireless.

(11 Feb '13, 14:39) Jaap ♦

I know this question is 3 years old... But since it's never been answerred properly:

I have same problem, but I am using WIRED network. All internet is disabled until I reboot. SO Wifi doesn't seem to be the culprit. Adapter: Motherboard onboard (Asus P8Z77V-Lx)

(06 Jan '16, 06:58) DonDino

@DonDino, what OS and what Wireshark version? Copy and paste the contents of the Wireshark Help -> About Wireshark box because there's other info there that is useful.

(06 Jan '16, 06:59) grahamb ♦
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It's probably because wireless adapters can't send and receive at the same time, they're kinda "half duplex". So if your card is in monitor and/or promiscuous mode it is possible that it decides to only receive to avoid missing anything while sending on its own. That would imply that you can't send any requests to the internet, and thus not get anything back.

Usually, if you need to use a wireless adapter to communicate and you also need to capture wireless at the same time, you need a second adapter.

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answered 11 Feb '13, 16:06

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Jasper ♦♦
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Ok, but this does not explain why after I close wireshark the connection still does not work! I think that wireshark should restore the settings it found before starting capturing network traffic. As a temporary solution, do you know if there is a linux command that I could try to restore the settings of the wireless card? Thank you very very much.

(12 Feb '13, 11:22) Alessandro M...

Do you enable promiscuous or monitor mode?

(12 Feb '13, 11:29) Kurt Knochner ♦
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