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Dear Sir,

My environemnt is Windows XP with SP3 and using WireShark version 1.8.5 & 1.6.13. All of versions will occur same question "Visual C++ error".

I don't know this is a limitation of Wireshark of shareware or any request I need to prepare?

Regards, Kuoyang

asked 14 Feb '13, 22:18

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You have to explain the problem better, when do you get the error? when starting wireshark? or when reading in a capture file? or?

(14 Feb '13, 23:01) Anders ♦

Dear Anders,

Thanks for your reply. 1. I have setup the WireShark save the trace file when every 10 min or the trace file size is over 5MB automatically. 2. I captured the network traffic between Server with Printer. 3. If the Server have not submit job to Printer, the network traffice of Server with Printer is SNMP only and WireShark is workable very long time and will not crash or occur any problem. The trace file will generate very well. 4. But when Server submit a job to Printer, the network traffic became busy, the Wireshark would save trace file per 10 min and 5MB, but will occur Visual C++ runtime error. 5. I have changed another NB and did same test, I got same result. So I did not think the problem on NB or memory of NB.

Regards, Kuoyang Hu

(15 Feb '13, 21:30) Kuoyang

From your additional comments this seems to be an out of memory error. See the Out of Memory wiki page for more info.

The issue occurs because Wireshark (and TShark) accumulate info such as conversations and do not release this memory. For long-term captures you should use dumpcap which is installed alongside Wireshark.

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answered 15 Feb '13, 22:42

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grahamb ♦
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Dear Grahamb,

I think it is a key issue. Because of I always capture the trace long time. I will do this on Monday & thanks again.

(16 Feb '13, 02:56) Kuoyang

Thank Grahamb provide me this useful information and I could capture a long-term network traffic (from 1700 ~ 0315). I don't know why the comamand would terminate at AM 0315. I will try again. Thanks again. Kuoyang

(18 Feb '13, 16:53) Kuoyang
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