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I currently have an older version of wireshark installed on my PC, I was wondering should I install a newer version right over the top of the older version or uninstall the older version first and then install the newer version.

asked 28 Feb '13, 18:18

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You can simply install the newer version over the top of what is already installed. Wireshark is smart enough to do the uninstall for you first. By default it saves all your settings, unless you choose to override that. For most people the whole process is simply a matter of repeatedly hitting 'enter' until done, although you'll want to move through it slowly the first time you do it so you can verify what's going on. Easy peasy!

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answered 28 Feb '13, 22:06

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Thanks griff. For anyone else reading this and wondering the same thing here is my answer right in the wireshark user's guide. I guess I should have read a little before asking a question

Building and Installing Wireshark 18
2.8.3. Update Wireshark From time to time you may want to update your installed Wireshark to a more recent version. If you join Wireshark's announce mailing list, you will be informed about new Wireshark versions, see Section 1.6.5, “Mailing Lists” for details how to subscribe to this list. New versions of Wireshark usually become available every 4 to 8 months. Updating Wireshark is done the same way as installing it, you simply download and start the installer exe. A reboot is usually not required and all your personal settings remain unchanged.
2.8.4. Update WinPcap New versions of WinPcap are less frequently available, maybe only once in a year. You will find WinPcap update instructions where you can download new WinPcap versions. Usually you have to reboot the machine after installing a new WinPcap version. Warning! If you have an older version of WinPcap installed, you must uninstall it before installing the current version. Recent versions of the WinPcap installer will take care of this.
2.8.5. Uninstall Wireshark You can uninstall Wireshark the usual way, using the "Add or Remove Programs" option inside the Control Panel. Select the "Wireshark" entry to start the uninstallation procedure. The Wireshark uninstaller will provide several options as to which things are to be uninstalled; the default is to remove the core components but keep the personal settings, WinPcap and alike. WinPcap won't be uninstalled by default, as other programs than Wireshark may use it as well.
2.8.6. Uninstall WinPcap You can uninstall WinPcap independently of Wireshark, using the "WinPcap" entry in the "Add or Remove Programs" of the Control Panel. Note! After uninstallation of WinPcap you can't capture anything with Wireshark. It might be a good idea to reboot Windows afterwards
(01 Mar '13, 10:26) jimjimalabim
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