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I tried modifying this for my own purposes:

@echo on

set start=0
set /p end= Enter number of 30-minute increments to loop:
set filenum=1
set filestart="c:\tempWScap\result"
set fileend=".pcapng"

if %start%==%end% goto stop
set "filestring=%filestart%%filenum%%fileend%"
"C:\program files\wireshark\wireshark.exe" -i "\Device\NPF_{5423F6E4-1BC8-4F55-625E-B2F995D893D1}" -a duration:180 -w %filestring% -k
set /a start=%start%+1
set /a filenum=%filenum%+1

PING -n 1800

goto loop


This works fine but I want it to quit wireshark after the capture is over. The -Q option does not appear to work. Any suggestions?

asked 12 Mar '13, 14:05

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What version of Wireshark are you using?

The -Q option was changed to an environment variable (WIRESHARK_QUIT_AFTER_CAPTURE) in r38784. That means version 1.8.0 and later must use that environment variable instead of -Q (see the Wireshark man page for more details).

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answered 13 Mar '13, 07:44

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