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I have installed the Wireshark sources and built a working executable under Windows Vista SP2. I occasionally update the sources using TortoiseSVN to a more recent revision (after checking the Wireshark Recent Builds Summary Page). Lately, there have been many failures (it seems there is at least one failure on some platform for every revision).

I'm currently using revision 34673 and I was wondering if there was a location/link where I could quickly find the last revision that built successfully on all platforms. Would it be possible to add this piece of information to the Wireshark Buildbot Welcome Page and have it automatically updated? If not, is there an easy/quick way to get this (without just brute force searching through the build results until I find a revision with all six platforms succeeding)?

Thanks in advance! Jim

asked 26 Jan '11, 16:10

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Guy Harris ♦♦

What do you mean by "good" here?

If you mean "stable and reliable", we make no claim that any of the buildbot builds are "good" - if you want a stable and reliable build, stick with the stable releases (currently 1.2.x and 1.4.x). If you're willing to sacrifice some stability and reliability for Shiny New Features, but don't want to live on the bleeding edge, try one of the trunk development releases (currently 1.5.x).

(26 Jan '11, 18:27) Guy Harris ♦♦

Hi Guy!

By "good", I only mean "builds successfully on all platforms". I know that a successful build doesn't imply a working build, but it's one less hurdle to deal with.

(30 Jan '11, 07:11) jim_demarco

There's no mechanism for that.

Note that

  1. the failure of a build might merely be due to, for example, a deprecated API being used, or other "code cleanliness" problems - this may or may not cause problems if you're trying to use it;
  2. the failure of a build on one platform may, or may not, reflect a problem on another platform, so if, for example, you're only using Windows, a build failure on one of the UN*Xes might not matter, and if you're only using Windows and Linux, a build failure on OS X or Solaris might not matter.
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answered 30 Jan '11, 11:08

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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Thanks for the answer ("No") and the explanatory notes.

My intent was to easily find a recent "good" (see my definition) revision to use to minimize the likelihood of problems in bleeding-edge code. I don't update my sources very often and was trying to come up with a reasonable strategy for when to do so (that is, update the sources more frequently than when a stable release comes out).

(30 Jan '11, 16:33) jim_demarco

You may not be able to get the executable of exact reversion, But if it is in latest revision not dropped due to critical bugs or something then you can always pick up latest development executable's

Go to parent directory and find relevant binary for other platforms.

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answered 04 Sep '12, 01:41

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