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but basically i was wondering if wireshark would give me more information than chrome rest console does?


asked 28 Mar '13, 05:23

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Yep, it would, because if you capture the full communication you'll see everything that is going back and forth.

What I usually do if I'm trying to mimic application behavior is that I do a capture of the original request and use that to compare subsequent requests that I do with my own software. You can quite easily see what parts are different when you have to packets containing the requests.

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answered 28 Mar '13, 06:35

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i was wondering if wireshark would give me more information than chrome rest console does?

No it won't.

Your problem is the lack of an authenticated session, as already mentioned on stackoverflow.

After your authentication in the browser (login form), you received a rather long session cookie, and that information is already shown by chrome console. Wireshark will not show any more information in your case. Unless you send a valid session cookie alongside with your "hand crafted POST request", you will not get a valid answer from the server, as it will be unable to identify the user session within the application.

You should check their API documentation to figure out how to access the data on their site.


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answered 28 Mar '13, 15:14

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