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No-one has answered my question (below) in the four days since I posted it, maybe because it's not DIRECTLY relevant to Wireshark. If that's the case, I'm sorry - is there another more general website where I might get an answer?

My home wireless connection seems to fail every few minutes for a few seconds. Mostly it reconnects without my intervention, but sometimes I have to go to the Wireless Network Connection dialog box and click "Connect" or "Repair". It's very annoying, especially when it happens during on-line chat or shopping. I changed my wireless router but the problem remains. What can I do? My ISP hasn't been able to help. My PC is running Windows XP (Professional).

If you're kind enough to reply, please bear in mind that what I know about computer and network technology could be written on the back of a postage stamp. No jargon please!

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If your connection fails that often even after replacing your router you could still have a problem with your WiFi equipment of your PC, so you could try to see if other devices have the same problem when connected to your access point.

On the other hand there are other reasons why you lose connectivity, and sometimes they're not that easy to find, but what you could do is to use a WLAN detection tool like InSSIDer to find out how many wireless networks are active on the same channel as yours. If there are too many different access points sending on the same frequency you'll have a hard time staying connected. Same goes for other devices that operate on the same frequency bands as WiFi, e.g. microwave ovens and other non-IT devices. See here.

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You might want to use Event Viewer to see if there are any logged events to indicate the problem, or possibly view logs on your access point. Your best bet to isolate the problem is to either use your laptop at another known good site - an internet cafe or a friends home and see if the problem travels with your laptop. Alternatively invite a friend over to your place with a laptop or smartphone and watch youtube over coffee for a few hours and see if they have the same problem as you. I know this doesn't seem technical but it is straightforward method of problem determination. Then you have narrowed where to look for the issue.

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