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I have a pcap file which contains ISUP frames. How do i find out the ISUP messages of a same call? what are the common things which identify the the ISUP messages of a single call uniquely.

asked 01 Apr '13, 01:22

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Manoj G
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OPC(Originating Point Code), DPC(Destination Point Code) and CIC(Circuit Identification Code) for a call is unique. So these parameters can uniquely identify the messages belong to a particular call and differentiate from other calls....

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answered 07 Apr '13, 20:49

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Manoj G
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You need to find the IAM with the subscriber number you are interested in then you can use the CIC value to get the rest of the messages unfortunatly that will give you all calls on that CIC so you would have to find the end off the call manually.

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answered 01 Apr '13, 04:59

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Anders ♦
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@Anders: Thank you, but i did this already. I thought CIC may identify a call uniquely and when i tried, i got msges of more than one call with same CIC. But i'm not getting to know how manually identify other messages belong to a call having IAM. There should be some parameter to identify messages of a single call even if we are identifying manually. I'm not getting to know what will be that parameter. Any idea?

(01 Apr '13, 19:58) Manoj G
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