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I can't figure out how to create and save a profile. I'm using Version 1.6.11 (SVN Rev 45257 from /trunk-1.6) on Windows 7. If I open the Edit:Configuration Profiles menu item the only options are New, Copy, Delete, OK, Apply, and Cancel (no Save button). If I select any of the existing profiles my current preferences (what I'm trying to save) get replaced with ones from the profile I load. New seems to set everything back to defaults.

I'm specifically trying to save a default Capture Filter, display column configuration, and Time display format.

asked 18 Apr '13, 08:32

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See the Wireshark User's Guide:
Configuration Profiles
read my article about Using Configuration Profiles.

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answered 18 Apr '13, 10:26

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Thanks. I had already read the UG section on profiles to no avail but your article cleared things up for me. From that I learned that the sequence for me is to create a profile then configure WS the way I want it to behave for that profile. I was going about that backwards, configuring WS first then trying to create/save a new profile.

One question remains for me, once I've created a new profile and configured WS is the new configuration updated each time I alter something (e.g. add a display column), or are the profile changes updated at some later time such as when exiting WS or starting a new capture?

(18 Apr '13, 12:28) gismo

The new configuration is updated right away.
See C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Wireshark\Profiles\your_profile\preferences

When you have multiple instances of Wireshark running at the same time, the changes are not updated in the other instances right away.
To update them, you can for instance:
- close and open the file in the other instance
- switch to the default profile and back to your_profile
Thank you:)

(18 Apr '13, 13:11) joke
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