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My host is a Mac OS X 10.8 machine with a virtual Windows 8 residing in Parallels 8. The Mac's ethernet address is, the Win machine shows and is "". Parallel's is setup to use "bridged network over Ethernet". On the Windows machine, I'm running a web service which is called from a Mono C# application that is running on the Mac host. I would like to capture all the reply XML that is sent back by the Windows' service. However all I get is: nothing :-( I tried to use the ethernet adapter, as well as the loopback device but filtering for does not show any responses. However, I can see the response in my Mac's C# application.

Is there maybe a sample around that would show the usage of Wireshark in combination with Parallels?

asked 20 May '13, 09:44

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You could run Wireshark in your Windows 8 virtual machine and capture the traffic there.

device but filtering for does not show any responses.

What was your display filter for this?

BTW: Can you post the output of the following command?

ifconfig -a


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answered 20 May '13, 11:50

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I'll try that. The reason why I wanted to do it on the Mac: I'm hunting a bug here that has to do with corrupt network traffic (deserialization fails). I tried with Fiddler on Windows but as soon as I do that to analyze the traffic, it starts working. But maybe Wireshark is less "intrusive".

(20 May '13, 11:58) Krumelur

Fiddler is a HTTP/HTTPS proxy. Usually it will simply forward the request, but in certain situations it will change the communication behavior. Wireshark is 'non-intrusive' (even on Windows) and it will show the whole communication, as it is sent to the NIC. So, you should be able to troubleshoot your problem with Wireshark on Windows.

(20 May '13, 12:07) Kurt Knochner ♦
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