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I am new at these things and i need help.

I have a Fritzbox 7390. My PC is conencted by a switch to the lan and my iPhone is conencted through wifi.

From Wireshark, that i installed on my pc, i cannot see the iPhone interface.

Can someone help me how to do it?


asked 23 May '13, 07:03

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I have a Fritzbox 7390. My PC is conencted by a switch to the lan and my iPhone is conencted through wifi.

For your case, you need to capture the traffic of the iPhone either via a WLAN capture (rather hard for a novice) or on the Fritzbox itself.

See the following tutorial:

The site is in german. Please use google translate for your language.

There are other methods to capture directly on a Fritz!Box. Please google for: fritzbox tcpdump


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answered 23 May '13, 07:35

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I'm not sure what you mean by "cannot see the iPhone interface"? Wireshark on the PC can only capture traffic that comes into the network card(s) on the PC.

Assuming you actually want to capture the iPhone traffic, this is unlikely to be easy.

I'm assuming you have a network as shown below, possibly with the WiFi Access Point (AP) and switch combined?

PC ==== SWITCH === AP \/\/ IPhone

If so, then unless you can persuade the switch to mirror the traffic from the AP port to the port used for your PC you'll be out of luck. Most consumer\home switches can't do this. See the switched section of the Wiki page on Ethernet networks and many similar questions in this site such as this one.

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answered 23 May '13, 07:17

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The Fritzbox 7390 provides an undocumented(?) option to capture network traffic. You can access it via the Webinterface of the fritz, using this link:

You can then capture the traffic you would like to and analyze it afterwards in wireshark. I'm not sure if you can limit to the WLAN-Interface traffic only, as I don't have a Fritzbox available for testing.

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answered 23 May '13, 07:42

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looks like that I was a bit too slow, see the more detailed answer of 'Kurt Knochner'..

(23 May '13, 07:44) pfuender
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