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Hi everyone! :D

So my teacher about Network subject (unfortunatelly it's not my best) gave me 2 (easy for you).tcpd files:file 1, file 2. And I have to catch some information from this packets:

  1. what kind of services was used ? any mistakes ? what was sent ?
  2. used adresses and protocols (take care about class of adresses and translation of adresses (NAT) and transport protocols
  3. which systems was installed on the computers (for example: client - Windwos, server: Linux)
  4. how distance (number of routers) was between devices
  5. where was started scanner (server, client or for example 3 routers far from server)
  6. time of made capture
  7. configuration of local network (for example default router, adressed MAC)
  8. how its possible to repeat captured comunication (give program or make a printscreen)
  9. (additional) catch packets received and sent through the program tracepath or traceroute
  10. (additional) catch question sent to DNS server

I already did point 1,2 (except NAT),6,7(only MAC). Its not that I wanna that somebody make this instead of me, but please let me give some help. Its best for me if you just write me where in this packets I can find information for example about configuration of local network.

Regards !

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asked 23 May '13, 13:34

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The tracefiles that you refer to don't seem to match the questions. Maybe this is why you have trouble answering the questions yourself?

(24 May '13, 01:03) SYN-bit ♦♦
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