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Would it be possible for any of the developer people of the Macintosh OSX flavor of Wireshark to add the APCO P25 decoder to its default build in a future release in the near future? I'm not smart enough to do it. More information at as to where to obtain the P25 source code. Thanx

asked 09 Jun '13, 12:28

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Guy Harris ♦♦

Yes, that is possible. But the best way to accomplish that is to ask the "APCO Project 25" people if they are fine with putting their patches in the official wireshark release. If they are fine with that, they can add the patches to an enhancement request at and mark it as a patch.

Their code will then be evaluated and added to the Wireshark repository (assuming the code is good and does not conflict with other parts of Wireshark).

On a legal/moral note, we can not include code from others without their permission, so it is easiest if they offer their patches to us.

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answered 09 Jun '13, 12:43

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The code is in the public domain and was released under the GNU General Public license. I don't know if you read any of the material posted at the URL that I cited in my original post (I had to put in "(slash)" for the actual slash character because this site's spaminator filter thought my post was spam if I included an http(colon) and/or (slash)es as part of what actually would be typed into the URL field).

Since the P25 decoder source code is posted online under the GNU General Public license on a website that tells you how to modify Wireshark to incorporate it (if you're lucky enough to be smart enough to modify Wireshark and compile the P25 decoder into it -- that ain't me), I'm thinking that the author is fine with it. Would the site maintainers here think otherwise?

I think I'll drop the developer/author of the P25 decoder a line. We do know who each other is. I'll just ask him to refer to this thread and would he please personally contribute his pubic domain source code to wherever it's gotta go for consideration to be included in future default distributions.

(12 Jun '13, 14:03) slacker2

Osmocom guys already submitted some of their dissectors for inclusion in the Wireshark code. If they did not do it for the P25 dissector, there is probably a good reason and you should check with them why. I fully agree with SYN-bit's point of view.

(13 Jun '13, 02:43) Pascal Quantin

The default builds for both OSes for which we build binaries (Windows and OS X) build what's in the Wireshark source tree, so the way to get any particular dissector into the build is to get it into the Wireshark source tree, as per SYN-bit's comment.

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answered 09 Jun '13, 16:38

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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