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I am using win 7 and a newbie ... so I am afraid to build the wireshark again. I wanted to know that how can I use some patch files with wireshark without rebuilding it (with pre installed wireshark). Is there is a simple method or building the wireshark is the only solution ?

asked 15 Jun '13, 14:22

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The only "patch files" I know of are patches to the Wireshark source files; for those patch files, the only way to use them is to apply them to the Wireshark source files and rebuild Wireshark.

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answered 15 Jun '13, 15:08

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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What is the source of the changes you wish to incorporate in your copy? If they come from within the Wireshark project then you can download the latest build from the automated downloads area of the website.

If the changes come from another source then you have no option but to apply the changes to a local copy of the Wireshark source and build it again.

Why are you afraid of building Wireshark again? Once you have completed your first build, any subsequent builds are trivial.

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answered 15 Jun '13, 20:08

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I want to use ieee802.15.4 patch ( provided by the jennic) and jenNet patch as well Will they available with the newest version? or I should built wireshark again?

(16 Jun '13, 04:10) gopalani

I would expect those patches to only work with the version stated in the Jennic documentation as they don't seem to update the patches for newer versions of Wireshark.

To build yourself with those patches you will need to create a working build environment using the correct version of Wireshark, then apply the patched and rebuild the patched version.

(16 Jun '13, 20:09) grahamb ♦
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