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Now I am working with wireshark and facing some problems. I want to communicate two ieds with my pc & want to see the communication between the two ieds. plz tell me the settings which are to be set to see the packets. ieds ip(for client-,,,for slave-,,,pc- rply me fast,,,,

asked 19 Jun '13, 02:55

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what are ieds?

(19 Jun '13, 02:58) Kurt Knochner ♦

I was thinking "improvised explosive device" when I saw that text... I wouldn't call it "improvised" anymore if a device like that talks via IP, so I guess that is not what it is :-)

(19 Jun '13, 07:22) Jasper ♦♦

Yeah, that was the first thing I found with google ;-))

I wouldn't call it "improvised"

Maybe it's an improved explosive device.

(19 Jun '13, 07:40) Kurt Knochner ♦

An IED can also be an Intelligent Electronic Device, another name for a PLC or RTU, often used in the electrical distribution industry.

The devices aren't all that intelligent really but compared to all the other devices in the electrical distribution network they're like super computers.

(19 Jun '13, 10:21) grahamb ♦

How you capture depends on your network architecture. Presumably the IED's and the PC are plugged into a switch, so you'll need to get the switch to span or mirror the traffic between the IED's to the port for the PC.

See the Wiki page on Ethernet Capture Setup for more info.

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answered 19 Jun '13, 10:24

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