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Does it actually work on Windows? says the only thing that'll work is Linux w/Affix stack. looks hopelessly outdated. The last update to that appears to be from 2005 and the highest Linux kernel mentioned is 2.6.

I couldn't get Wireshark to capture anything on the BT interface on my Lenovo T61p running Windows 7. It sees the interface but captures nothing when playing audio successfully (via hands-free audio) to a Bluetooth headset.

I'm mainly interested in capturing the traffic between my BT-enabled machine and headsets/headphones. If it supposedly works on Linux, has anyone actually succeeded in getting audio to work w/BT headsets and capturing the traffic? Is it easy to get working on major Linux distributions (e.g. Ubuntu)? I'd rather not waste a whole bunch of time on a dead-end (e.g. handsfree audio broken or BT capturing doesn't work).

If Wireshark can't capture from BT on Windows, is there another free Windows packet sniffer that will?

(I tried to comment on an existing Bluetooth capture thread, but this forum kept rejecting my comment as "spam" and throwing my work away!)

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This is a very good question. I'd love to capture Bluetooth traffic on a PC and/or mobile device running a Windows OS. And, I'd like to do so from Wireshark, and from a an app created by the software dev team to which I belong. Does anyone out there know what it would take to make this happen?

(24 Nov '14, 07:16) DeepSnow

There is no support for capturing for Windows. Only Linux. I do not have/use Windows, so not I am not really interested to have that, but I have a plan to add this feature for others. I am not sure if Windows API is able to capturing Bluetooth, but I know that it is possible on CSR dongles.

There is second option: if you have USB dongle you can try USBPcap [1] and try to capturing Bluetooth traffic over USB.


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