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I get a crash of Wireshark 1.1.10 (last stable WinXP 32b version - WinXP 5.1.2600) when I close the "Flow Graph" window, while keeping "Traffic Analysis" window open.

Steps to reproduce it:
1.- Open wireshark and load any trace.

2.- Go to "Statistics" and click on "Flow Graph".
alt text
3.- The "Flow Graph" window will open. Leave all the options by default and click OK.
alt text

4.- The "Graph Analysis" window will open, like you see below: alt text

5.- Now, click on Close or Cancel" dialogue in the "Flow Graph" window (don't close "Graph Analysis" window)

alt text

6.- Wireshark hangs and get a get crash before some seconds. A window pop up "Wireshark had detected a problem and must be close".

alt text

With the same trace, in Linux versions, when you execute the step 5, the program close both window, but never hangs.

Thanks for you help or suggestions.

Miguel Quintana. Support Engineer Sixbell Chile

asked 08 Jul '13, 13:41

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Sounds like bug 8793 to me (which will be fixed in 1.10.1 and 1.8.9).

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answered 08 Jul '13, 22:20

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JeffMorriss ♦
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Great bug report, what is your question? :-)

This is a Q&A site, where you can ask questions about things you want/need answers to. For bug reports, please file it at

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answered 08 Jul '13, 13:44

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Jasper ♦♦
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Really, I don't know if it's a BUG or a problem with my own machine. Before report a BUG, I would like to know if someone knows about this issue, if there's some configuration that I can apply to solve this problem.

Thanks, Miguel

(08 Jul '13, 14:10) mquintanap

Ok, confirmed, it crashed for me, too. I doubt it is a configuration issue.

(08 Jul '13, 14:12) Jasper ♦♦
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