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Like Wireshark has plugins developed for Windows / linux etc, do we have Wireshark library support for pSoS OS also ? If so, where can I get the source code to start integration ?

Else can someone suggest any other free tool using which I can have a packet capture on embedded systems running pSoS OS ?

Thanks in advance.

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asked 31 Jul '13, 00:12

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Wireshark doesn't actually do packet capture, that is done by the appropriate mechanism for the host OS, e.g. WinPCap for Windows, libpcap for Linux etc.

I haven't used pSos for 2 decades, but I would think that libpcap would be your best starting point. I don't know if there have been ports to other embedded OS's, e.g. VxWorks that might be useful references.

The project site for libpcap is here.

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answered 31 Jul '13, 01:18

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That's "libpcap for UN*Xes of all sorts, including but not limited to Linux, WinPcap for Windows, and either somebody's third-party port of libpcap, directly using whatever pSoS provides, or nothing for pSOS".

There is no support for OSes other than *BSD, OS X (and iOS if you jailbreak; the OS X code should work, but porting and cross-building is left as an exercise for the reader), Linux, SunOS 3.x (may suffer from bitrot), SunOS 4.x (may suffer from bitrot), SunOS 5.x, HP-UX, AIX, Tru64 UNIX (may suffer from bitrot), IRIX (may suffer from bitrot), and MS-DOS in libpcap as distributed by

A quick Google search for

"psos" libpcap

didn't show anything immediately obvious.

(31 Jul '13, 01:37) Guy Harris ♦♦
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