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Hi Experts,

I have an UTStarCom ADSL2+ modem in my home for Braodband internet connection.

Is it possbile to capture packets flowing in/out of my modem.

Cheers, Arun

asked 02 Aug '13, 23:37

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Arun N
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Is it possbile to capture packets flowing in/out of my modem.

at the DSL (WAN) side: No. Only with special (expensive) hardware.

at the ethernet (LAN) side: Yes. Please read the following wiki article:

Basically you need a way to capture the whole traffic at the ethernet level. The easiest way is to use an ethernet hub (hard to get one these days) or a small switch with port mirroring capabilities (very cheap these days). See the answers to the following question:

or the Wiki


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answered 08 Aug '13, 07:42

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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Would you really need to see the dsl or atm layer? That's what the error stats are for. FEC/HEC/CRC's etc..

I work for a UK ISP and need to capture/record all incoming/outgoing web traffic (due to weird issue) and suspect the best solution would be a packet sniffer on a PC. Auth on PC via router in 'modem only' mode. Critical to ensure the only MAC presented on the WAN is that of your ethernet NIC - then sniff away! :)

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answered 02 Jul '14, 16:11

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