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On Ubuntu Linux, wireshark fails to decrypt an SSL session which does NOT use a DH cipher.
I'm using Firefox with sslkeylogfile.
Looking at the debug file, it appears that wireshark CAN find master secret, yet fails to decrypt.
Here's the relevant snippet from the debug file:

 checking keylog line: CLIENT_RANDOM 51fec5231f20bd12d79c7de8ea8d55433b99c06c47bf5a087aa1e1fd209bde01 2df2f3ad233352799947aecf5b831e971170f089cf17ec98d82e5e312a8005663920d14f66e21eecdfb2f06efda72f72
found master secret in key log
ssl_generate_keyring_material not enough data to generate key (0x31 required 0x37 or 0x57)
dissect_ssl3_handshake can't generate keyring material
  record: offset = 267, reported_length_remaining = 47

Firefox uses a Squid proxy server. The connection between Firefox and Squid takes place over a Stunnel's SSL tunnel.
Firefox -----(wireshark on loopback)---------> stunnel A ---> stunnel B --> Squid --> Internet

The interesting thing is that when I remove stunnel and connect:
Firefox ------(wireshark on loopback)--------> Squid --> Internet
(Without changing a single setting in wireshark), then I CAN decrypt successfully.

Here are links to wireshark capture with stunnel (failed to decrypt):

SSLkeylogfile generated during this session:

Debug file (frame 22 is of interest):

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The solution turned out to be a bizarre one. stunnel A was listening on a random port 33308 when decryption was failing. As soon as I would make stunnel A listen on ports 80 or 8080, the decryption would succeed, for any other ports it would fail. I'm completely mistified. How can a port number influence the decryption of an SSL session?

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answered 09 Aug '13, 05:15

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