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I was running gns3 in my laptop and was simulating 3 routers with ospf configured. I started to capture using wireshark but it was showing an error (frame 151 too long (-1 bytes)) can some one give me a suitable solution for this?

asked 07 Aug '13, 12:18

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Posting the capture somewhere others can see it, e.g. Cloudshark will allow others to help you, otherwise we have no idea what might be up in frame 151 of your capture.

(07 Aug '13, 12:54) grahamb ♦

This problem has been reported by others in the GNS3 forum.

I guess, that the GNS3 simulator creates a broken pcap file structure and Wireshark simply complains about that.

frame 151 too long (-1 bytes)

This message is generated by dumpcap if a frame is larger than the supported length of 65535 bytes.


        if (pcap_opts->cap_pipe_rechdr.hdr.incl_len > WTAP_MAX_PACKET_SIZE) {
            g_snprintf(errmsg, errmsgl, "Frame %u too long (%d bytes)",
                       ld->packet_count+1, pcap_opts->cap_pipe_rechdr.hdr.incl_len);


 * Maximum packet size we'll support.
 * 65535 is the largest snapshot length that libpcap supports, so we
 * use that.
#define WTAP_MAX_PACKET_SIZE    65535

So, this is either a bug in GNS3 or a configuration problem, like using 'super Jumbo Frames' with packet length > 65535 bytes in GNS3.

I suggest to discuss this issue in the GNS3 forum, with a link to this question, as there is nothing the Wireshark 'community' can do about this problem.


permanent link

answered 08 Aug '13, 06:03

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GNS3 uses dynamips. The capture file was being corrupted due to a thread safety issue in dynamips. The fix will be a part of dynamips 0.2.13.

Related issue:

(09 Jun '14, 12:18) flaviojs
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