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Hi all. Due to the numerous tutorials I found in web, I managed to compile a dissector plugin on Linux. The raw implementation of my plugin works fine now. My new goal is to extend the plugin providing an ECDDSA-signature check "on the fly" of the received data packages. Therefore I tried to link my dissector plugin against the crypto library of OpenSSL, but at his point all my efforts unfortunately failed. I didn't find anything in web dealing with such kind of problem so I decided to post this question here. My efforts until now:

1 . I edited in my plugin directory and added the following to the "LIB" line:

LIBS = -L/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu -lcrypto \

after that I did configure, make clean and make but the plugin didn't linked against the OpenSSL lib.

2 . I tried to edit Makefile of the plugin but again with no result.

There aren't any errors during Compilation, but when I start Wireshark, there is "Couldn't load module error". In addition when i call ldd on .so file of my plugin i can't find crypto-library there. So my guess is it's a linker error, but I have no idea how to solve it. Any help is highly appreciated.

Many thx,


EDIT: strangly i can't post a comment below, so I'm writing it here: My plugin compiles and works nice without the ECDSA-stuff I want to add. But I'm not able to link my plugin against the extern OpenSSL library, so I can use its EC(DSA)-functions: I couldn't find any information on how to link against external libraries in readme.plugins or do I miss something important here? Thx

asked 13 Aug '13, 04:54

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Arthur Giss
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Did you run ./configure --with-ssl ?

(13 Aug '13, 05:03) Anders ♦

Thx for the fast help Anders! I tried it again with ./configure --with-ssl, but still the same error. When running ./configure, I realized that Makefile of my plugin isn't generated, e.g. there is no line saying something like "config.status: creating plugins/profinet/Makefile". Is my problem maybe related with it?

(13 Aug '13, 05:14) Arthur Giss

Check readme.plugins in the doc folder to see what files need to be changed to build a plugin.

(13 Aug '13, 06:07) Anders ♦

After spending further time on my problem I finally linked my dissector to a shared library (in my case the OpenSSL lib). However I'm not very happy with my solution :-/. First I briefly describe how it acutally worked.

Instead of adding -lssl and -lcrypto to, I searched the Makefile of my plugin itself for linking possibilities for the SSL lib. There I realized a weird thing:

LD = /usr/bin/ld
LDFLAGS =  -Wl,--as-needed -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/local/lib

Strangely the library path is added four times to the shell variable $(LDFLAGS). According to this i guessed it might be a libtool issue that I'm not able to link against any shared library. Further investigation on the Makefile reveal $(LDFLAGS) is indeed related to libtool linking process. (If this is trivial for you, I'm sry for explaining it, because I have never dealed with Makefiles or libtool before, but used tools like Eclipse for my purposes.) When I add -lssl and -lcrypto to $(LDFLAGS) my plugin works with openSSL support like a charme :-):

LD = /usr/bin/ld
LDFLAGS =  -Wl,--as-needed -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/local/lib -lssl -lcrypto

but my question is now, what is the "official way" to link against a shared library? In readme.plugins the files which have to be adapted are: AUTHORS, COPYING, ChangeLog, CMakeLists.txt,, Makefile.common, Makefile.nmake, moduleinfo.h, moduleinfo.nmake, But unfortunattely none of these files has an influence on the $(LDFLAGS) variable in the final Makefile of the plugin. Variable &(LIBS) in which is supposed to add additional libraries has absolutely no effect because I can write garbage in that variable with no effect on the building process of my plugin? Maybe it's a wireshark bug? Searching the forum I discovered that other users have similar problems too. E.g.:

Thanks for any comments, answers.


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answered 03 Sep '13, 07:54

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Arthur Giss
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