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asked 27 Aug '13, 14:21

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The video link is this:,id,ip,ipbits,itag,source&signature=18D167E4C9F5D16823AC59842FD47526C5896354.7FC5177924498400A4E041F5BBEA4E0FB4A8A413&key=cms1&begin=0&cm2=0&cms_redirect=yes&ms=nxu&mt=1377694101&mv=m

If you click on it, it will at least offer the download of a 220 MByte flash file. I'm not sure how long this link will be valid, as most of the video hosters tend to generate dynamic URLs that are only valid for defined period of time.

Here is how I found the link:

Statistics -> Conversations -> TCP

Pick the conversation with the most bytes (after the movie is playing for a couple of seconds), as that is most certainly the video, if there was no other download in parallel. Then click "Follow Stream" and extract the URL from the HTTP request header.


permanent link

answered 28 Aug '13, 05:54

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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Thank you helping.

The link you got is the genereate link i can get that with in chrome network tool no problem.

The link im looking to find is

This seem to be the share link

But it too long to be a valid share link, a valid share link should be like one of 3 below

sUWS1rSBmbd5opCoiZ7pJ5AXDnHPiDqJi8iGjh-qmp4nU7TeaO8OKjTI9ctVHJyhkqVUdmibvSJeXTAMcOv2nC2VgAA8r-uPGh1Rj55HDDKWZZnRZ27mYsELo8UdTpTt I wonder if this part is encoded or encrypt it.

On the server they use a proxy to get the link from database and pass it to the player. The player much decrypt it and request with picasaweb to generate the video link.

If that is the case then the truth link im looking should be somewhere in the package that must be capture by wireshark ?

(28 Aug '13, 18:12) tdx3000

The link im looking to find is

I don't think there is a way to get the 'reverese' picasaweb link, as that is most certainly only stored in the databases of google.

At least you cannot get that information by looking at capture files while the video plays.

I suggest to ask this question in a google picasa forum or ask the guy how posted that page on where he got the video from.

(29 Aug '13, 03:55) Kurt Knochner ♦
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