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Have you seen this issue? How should I proceed to troubleshoot this issue?

asked 28 Aug '13, 09:35

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Is this a real FC frame, or do you just think it is a FC frame, because Wireshark show FC as protocol?

Wireshark shows frames with an ethertype of 0 as FC. See Bug 8256

So, this could be just a malformed ethernet frame (lots of zeros at the beginning - maybe caused by a broken NIC) and Wireshark shows it as FC.

Is it possible to post a sample capture file (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)?

How should I proceed to troubleshoot this issue?

First I suggest to figure out if it it makes sense to see a FC (over Ethernet) frame on the link where you captured the traffic.

  • If it makes sense: You need to figure out where the frame was originated. Take a look at the rest of the frame and check if there are any 'known' byte sequences that might help.
  • If it makes no sense: It could be just a damaged ethernet frame and Wireshark shows it as FC (see bug above). In that case you need to find the broken NIC/switch port that generated the packet.


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answered 28 Aug '13, 10:19

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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Thank you so much. I would like to upload a capture but do not have Google Drive or Dropbox - anything options?

(28 Aug '13, 10:34) dtootle

There is also

HINT: You cannot (later) delete an uploaded file, so please just upload files without any sensitive information!

Otherwise, please use one of those (free) online file hosters like (or others)

(28 Aug '13, 10:44) Kurt Knochner ♦
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