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Is there a built version of 1.10.x with lua enabled? I have downloaded 1.10.2pre1-51630 on osx and it shows without Lua in the about dialog.

If I need to compile myself where can I find some documentstion

asked 06 Sep '13, 07:41

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I ended up installing 1.11.0-SVN-51797 and that at least works with my script.

(06 Sep '13, 08:04) Hoss

I have downloaded 1.10.2pre1-51630 on osx and it shows without Lua in the about dialog.

From a quick look at the most recent 1.10 buildbot logs on the 32-bit and 64-bit buildbots, the 64-bit buildbot is building with Lua (so it should say it's built with Lua), but the 32-bit buildbot is finding Lua 5.2 with the configure script but failing to find luaL_openlibs in the library (so it will be built without Lua). This could be a bug in the build process, so please file this as a bug on the Wireshark Bugzilla.

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answered 06 Sep '13, 11:57

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If you need to compile Wireshark yourself, you can refer to the developer's guide, or probably even more useful to you is the information in the README.macos file, which you will find after downloading the Wireshark sources.

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answered 06 Sep '13, 08:29

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