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I figured I'd make a shout-out request here since I haven't been able to find a good source of packet capture files for 3GPP call flows, particularly for EPS. I want them as a supplement to a video series I'm putting together on the EPC, and since I plan to make the series public domain I'm restricted from using all the NDA-protected captures I would normally have access to. Example call flows that would be great to have (which I really, really don't want to packet-craft myself) loosely in order of priority. I would appreciate any of these:

  • Normal EPS Attach Procedure (not picky on any optional components of this call flow). Unciphered NAS if at all possible.
  • S11 or S5 interface capture, preferably showing at least one example of a non-128 response code.
  • An SGs interface trace of an incoming CSFB call. Doesn't need to include the S1AP/NAS component but would be great if it did. I'd also take MO since beggers can't be choosers. :)
  • Any Gx or Gy call flow captures, preferably one that illustrates use of MSCC's with a full RSU/GSU/USU flow. Any non-2xxx result code scenario would be good as well.
  • Any example of two legs of a Diameter-routed packet.
  • An SS7 transaction traced over a Sigtran link, preferably one that demonstrates GT translation (I have a few videos that cover historical voice). Could potentially use direct ISUP call with routing on just DPC as well. Not picky on Sigtran flavour.
  • An SMS sent or received over deciphered NAS.
  • Any EMM procedures (periodic update, page, etc.). A page triggered by PDN request visible in trace would be great as well.
  • Any handover procedure. Full X2 would be great, as would any inter-SGw or inter-MME flow.

So, that's my wish list. Just keep in mind that they would need to be free to redistribute to the public domain, which is the deal-breaker for all my existing sources of these kinds of captures.


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