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Grab URL stream from UDP packets [+screenshot]


I'm trying to grab the stream url from a channel using Wireshark. It seems to send UDP packets, but I don't know how to proceed. Here's a screenshot.

My aim is to play the audio stream within foobar2000 or winamp.

asked 22 Oct '13, 20:31

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One Answer:


I can not see the screenshot (campany's web proxy), but this is the workflow I follow...

  1. Capture the udp stream.
  2. With wireshark, right mouse, and Follow UDP Stream.
  3. Under the window "Follow UDP Stream", there is a combo: Select the direction of the stream you want to hear.
  4. Leave "RAW" an press Save As, and put the file in your hard disk, for example c:\tmp\listen.raw

Now, you need an audio program, I use Adobe Audition (COOLEDIT before)

  1. File->Open As, select your file c:\tmp\listen.raw, and a new window appears.
  2. Select sample rate, Mono/Stereo and bits per sample. You must try different parameters until you find the correct values or know exactly them from another source.
  3. In the second window (I don't know the title in English, but must be something like "Interprete sample format as") I usually put the same values as the second's.
  4. A third window called "PCM Raw Data (no header)" is presented. Play a little with the options. In telephony, A-Law or Mu-Law encoding is used, but I suppose is not your scenario. Click OK.
  5. The decoded audio is presented and you can play, pause, etc with the "Transport" window under the waveform.

I hope this solves your doubt.

answered 23 Oct '13, 00:30

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Chirrin Dul Ari
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Hey that's interesting! I'll try that for saving audio. However it's not what I needed. What I wanted is to grab the Stream URL. For example,

I tried searching on the HTML code of some Mixlr channel but couldn't find any clue.

(23 Oct '13, 09:21) redraw