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Please can anybody let me know if we can user wireshark on AIX 6.1, if so please guide me to a download link. Or please suggest a good tool which can be used for network analysis of a AIX 6.1.

Regards, Dhrajj

asked 02 Mar '11, 17:00

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The third-party packages section of [the Wireshark download page[1] has a "*/*" entry, which is a perhaps somewhat cryptic way of saying "several vendors and several platforms"; it points to the site for a company called The Written Word, who offer pre-compiled binaries of various packages for various operating systems. They charge for the packages, but provide support. also offers free-software binaries for AIX; it has a Wireshark package. They appear to be packaged as RPMs; I don't know what tools are required to install RPMs on AIX.

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answered 24 Jul '13, 14:19

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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AIX ships with iptrace(1) and tcpdump(1), either of which can be used for packet captures.

Wireshark will read/display iptrace files, but the other utilities (mergecap, editcap, etc.) won't work on iptrace files without playing some games with options. Of course, Wireshark and all its utilities read tcpdump(1) files, since they're written in pcap format.

I usually recommend that AIX folks collect data with tcpdump, then use Wireshark on another system (e.g. a Windows/Mac/Linux desktop/laptop) to analyze the results. Building Wireshark from source on AIX can be a chore, especially if you want to build in support for other third-party libraries like GNU crypto, Kerberos, c-ares, and the like...

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answered 25 Jul '13, 18:14

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