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My goal is to capture packets with tshark in Amazon Linux AMI. While typing tshark in the command line there's an error: "tshark: There are no interfaces on which a capture can be done"

How to implement the solution :

> $ sudo apt-get install wireshark $
> sudo dpkg-reconfigure wireshark-common
> $ sudo usermod -a -G wireshark $USER $
> gnome-session-quit --logout --no-prompt

in Amazon Linux AMI (it's not Ubuntu)? Thanks.

asked 29 Oct '13, 08:52

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How to implement the solution in Amazon Linux AMI (it's not Ubuntu)?

Amazon AMI is based on CentOS.

So, please do this:

yum install wireshark
yum install wireshark-gnome

or maybe for AMI

yum install wireshark-1.2.15

then set the capabilities for dumpcap

sudo setcap 'CAP_NET_RAW+eip CAP_NET_ADMIN+eip' /usr/bin/dumpcap

Then run the following command as non root user!

dumpcap -D -M

If you see interfaces: problem solved!


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answered 31 Oct '13, 04:24

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Thanks. It works.

(31 Oct '13, 04:47) warrior7089


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