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Yes, this is another WireShark Crash Question....

So, I've used Wireshark in the following OS's:

  • Win7 x64
  • Server 2008r2 (x64)
  • Server 2012r2 (x64)

I'm testing software in an environment consisting of multiple instances of the aforementioned OS's.

My filter is ip.addr ==

(I can't give the actual IP for security purposes).

I have an SNMP Trap set up on and am using wireshark to make sure errors are sent to the Trap.

When I have WireShark running, it records the SNMP's just fine. For no reason, it randomly crashes. It doesn't matter which machine I'm using it on.

I'm using WireShark 1.10.3 (64-bit).

Any thoughts on this?

asked 20 Nov '13, 09:43

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That's a display filter so Wireshark will be capturing and recording all the other traffic received by the NIC (presumably you're running the capture in promiscuous mode) and is likely to be running out of memory. See the OutOfMemory page on the wiki for more info.

Try setting a capture filter (in the Capture Options dialog) of host to restrict the raffic that Wireshark actually receives.

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answered 20 Nov '13, 10:10

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