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I'm developing a plugin for Wireshark. I'm trying to understand the 802.15.4 dissector and I would like to know, where is "call_dissector" function defined? And if it's possible to have a reference of the functions that Wireshark implements and where are defined?


asked 25 Nov '13, 02:40

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The call_dissector function is defined in epan/packet.c. In revision 53559, the current revision as of this writing, you can find it defined from lines 2137-2142.

The best reference for Wireshark is the source files themselves. Most of the core dissection-related code is in the epan/ directory. Run something like, "tree -d" to get a general idea of the directory layout. Use your favorite search tool, (e.g., grep) to help you find what you're looking for. The more you work with the sources, the easier it is to find everything.

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answered 25 Nov '13, 06:35

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Thanks cmaynard!

(26 Nov '13, 02:09) lina

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