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I just had to fill in a CAPTCHA to be allowed to edit one of my answers (I was logged in)? Is this intentional? It kind of disturbs the workflow.

UPDATE: Strange. It only happens for the answer in one question !?!?

alt text


The CAPTCHA accepts even parts of the numbers !?! Looks like a bug in the CAPTCHA checking routine...

alt text

Anyway, if someone of the Admins could please check why there is a CAPTCHA only for that single answer of the following question, I would be thankful:


asked 25 Nov '13, 05:38

Kurt%20Knochner's gravatar image

Kurt Knochner ♦
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edited 25 Nov '13, 05:55

I just made some minor edits to your answer to that question, just to see if I also got CAPTCHA, and I did, so it's not just you. I don't know why the CAPTCHA though.

(25 Nov '13, 06:07) cmaynard ♦♦

strange indeed, because it's (so far) just that single answer.

Maybe it's a problem with the site hoster (cloudflare), like some stupid 'security' or 'intellectual property protection' module that triggers on keywords. I thought it's the link to the google patents. But the CAPTCHA appears even if I remove that link and anything related to patents.

(25 Nov '13, 06:11) Kurt Knochner ♦
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