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Trying to build wireshark with our companies build system. Just wondering what are the core deps for building it. As in what are the minimum requirements I can get away with?'

Edit: reading this

it says GTK and libpcap are required for the build. But running "apt-rdepends wireshark" gives me a massive dep-tree. What does this mean?

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From the Wiki, this should bring you a long way:

sudo aptitude install build-essential automake autoconf libgtk2.0-dev libglib2.0-dev libpcap0.8-dev flex bison
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answered 14 Mar '11, 15:42

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"apt-rdepends wireshark" will report what the version of Wireshark that Debian/Ubuntu/whoever made your (presumably Debian-based) distribution built requires; they might have built it with all the "use this" configuration options turned on, so it might be using libz and SMI and Lua and some asynchronous DNS resolver and GnuTLS and Gcrypt and Kerberos and GeoIP and PortAudio and a big jam doughnut with cream on top....

The minimum requirements for a Linux build would be GTK+ - which, in turn, requires GLib (not glibc, GLib) - and libpcap, as well as Flex and Bison. You need GTK+ for the GUI; you need GLib for the GUI and for Wireshark's own internals, and you need libpcap in order to capture network traffic. You might need Flex and Bison (I forget whether we ship pre-built output for Flex and YACC files or not); you probably won't need automake or autoconf if you're just building from one of the source tarballs, as they already include the generated configure script - if you want to build from Subversion, you'll need automake and autoconf and libtool (as well as, obviously, Subversion itself :-)). All the other libraries you can build Wireshark with just add capabilities to Wireshark, such as decryption, decompression of compressed network traffic and of compressed capture files, and so on.

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answered 15 Mar '11, 16:53

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