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hi, I am wondering why my router (also DHCP server) keeps ARP requesting non-stop to my home PC

my rounter is D-Link N600:

here's a picture of the traffic:

asked 17 Dec '13, 00:08

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why my router (also DHCP server) keeps ARP requesting non-stop to my home PC

well, a network analysis tool (Wireshark) can never answer why a system is behaving as observed. That question can only be answered by the developer of that device, by looking at the code.

I can imagine some reasons like

  • the DHCP server on the box tries to figure out if the MAC address is still in use (online), to decide if it can reuse the IP address.
  • the box tries to check if the MAC address is still in use (online) to show the device in the 'connected device/client list'
  • etc.

but that would be only speculation and would not help you to understand the real reason for the ARP requests.

So, to answer your question: Nobody here will be able to tell you for sure why the box sends ARP requests to your client, as nobody has access to the firmware code. So, it's better to ask these kind of questions in a D-Link forum or google for similar reports of other users.


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answered 17 Dec '13, 02:50

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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I contacted hardware vendor, but no response yet

ok, thanks Kurt

(17 Dec '13, 07:24) thisistherun

BTW: Are you sure your router is sending the ARP requests? In the 'Description' field of Netmon, it's said: asks for What IP address is configured on your router? The default IP is

(17 Dec '13, 08:20) Kurt Knochner ♦

oh is the client is the router

i am taking another picture = client = router

I am just setting up random static IP, even if it's a lease from DHCP server, it still does the ARP request consistently

(17 Dec '13, 13:18) thisistherun

Well, then see my explanation in the answer ;-)

(17 Dec '13, 13:49) Kurt Knochner ♦
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