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Hi Guys,

I am trying to figure out the commands that various AV devices use to perform functions (volume up, down, mute.) etc. so I can put them in another app (not from the manufacturer) and combine to control lots of devices from one app.

I have so far captured the dump and found AAAAAQAAAAEAAAAUAw== means mute, but there is a bit more involved like the HTTP PORT command.

I am just learning wireshark, as in my 15 years IT career I have never needed it, but I learn quick so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can anyone tell me how to look at the capture and then send it back to the TV from another program (like telnet or Hercules) so I can test the command is working and figure out if I need to send anything else.

You can grab the file from

Look forward to any help anyone can give me.



asked 17 Dec '13, 11:59

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Did you make any progress? I would like to do a volume control for HAI for myself, not commercially. I'm an amateur, so would appreciate any references to converting Wireshark captures into network commands.

(29 Jun '14, 19:13) MikeD

I think it is a bit more complicated than using TelNet or Hercules, because you need to send XML statements via HTTP POST which includes a cookie. I have no idea if the cookie is mandatory and needs to be agreed upon before being able to send commands, but I guess you'll have to either write a small program that can send your specific XML statements via HTTP POST command, or you play around with tools like curl to mimic the behavior.

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answered 18 Dec '13, 00:17

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Why reverse engineer something, if there are ready to use tools ;-))

They use a similar 'API' that can be found in your capture file, so I guess it will help you to understand and mimic the whole thing better than by just looking at the capture files.

It does not contain the commands for volume up, down, etc. but as far as I could see, you can request the available commands from the device (your TV) with the method load_commands() in that Ruby library. Maybe that works on your TV as well...


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answered 18 Dec '13, 04:33

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