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I've got some tasty Philips speakers connected to my network and want to bypass the dodgy Philips software and send commands directly from my OpenRemote app. I've requested an API or developers pack from Philips but they seem reluctant...well the reply was a flat 'no'!

I'm looking at the traffic between my laptop and speakers and guessing most of it is streaming mp3. Ideally want to capture commands when i click pause/play/skip/vol+/vol-. Once I have captured this I can reproduce it using OpenRemote. At the very least I would like to be able to capture volume commands.

Maybe my approach is far too simplistic and I'm missing a huge chunk!

your thoughts welcome - cheers!

asked 22 Dec '13, 05:09

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What's the speaker model?

(22 Dec '13, 13:51) Kurt Knochner ♦

Fidelio AW9000

(23 Dec '13, 04:57) spezzer

Maybe my approach is far too simplistic and I'm missing a huge chunk!

Sounds O.K. Go ahead and sniff the traffic for different commands.

However: There are some obstacles you should consider.

  • If they are using SSL (https), you won't be able to decrypt the traffic and then you won't be able to identify single commands. You'll see as soon as you've captured traffic
  • Often those tools use some form of authentication. If that's the case, you can't simply send the command by replaying the network traffic. If they use authentication, you'll have to mimic that as well in OpenRemote.
  • They might use a custom protocol unknwon to Wireshark (instead of HTTP). In that case you will only see the raw data and you'll have to reverse engineer the meaning of the bits and bytes.


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answered 23 Dec '13, 11:38

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