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This is not exactly a Wireshark question, but I wasn't sure where to ask. If you have an idea for a community where to turn to, let me know. In the mean time...

I'm setting up a server/gateway machine (a linux desktop) that is supposed to capture all traffic coming through it via LAN or VPN. And by that I mean write to disk every single bit of network traffic content. The purpose is security and debugging review and analysis.

However, I don't want to just create a gigantic dump file of packets. For it to be useful, it has to:

1) Filter out some white-listed content. So not write to disk stuff like YouTube videos or BitTorrent downloads. (Ergo: white-listing rules by protocol, IPs/domains, header/content keywords, DPI. Also, some rules could alert me in real-time when strange things happen.)

2) Let me analyze that traffic in a useful manner. That is, I'd like to be able to easily query for things like:

  • all the files (html, js, png) that my Android Firefox loaded this morning when it crashed; (Assuming I know the time more or less, and the URL I tried to open.)
  • all the communications that an Android music app sent home this week, so that I can figure out how it knows my location;
  • the update my Ubuntu laptop downloaded yesterday, since from that moment it behaves weirdly.

etc, etc.

How do I go about this? Are there open-source tools that do this?

asked 27 Dec '13, 16:05

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Ricky Moore
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I don't think there is any open source tool that is able to fulfill all your requirements. However, there are interesting projects, that might be inspiring to you. (Article about Moloch)

So, it's up to you to grab one of those and 'tweak' it to meet your requirements.


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answered 30 Dec '13, 12:52

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