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I have a server that is continually incrementing Received Address Errors. This is seen when using netstat -s. I have captures of the traffic but I am not sure how to go about displaying these errors in Wireshark or if that is possible. I tried using the following filter with no success:


Anyone got any ideas?

asked 16 Mar '11, 10:54

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You may be seeing those packets an not realize it. Here's is IBM's definition for what NetStat is showing you.

Datagrams Received Address Errors The number of input datagrams discarded because the IP address in their IP header destination field was not a valid address to be received at this entity. This count includes addresses that are not valid (for example, 0.0 0.0) and addresses for classes that are not supported (such as Class E). For entities that are not IP gateways and therefore do not forward datagrams, this counter includes datagrams discarded because the destination address was not a local address. Valid values are positive integers in the range 0 to 2147483647 and can include the use of the AVG, MIN, MAX, or SUM functions. For example, to express 52 for the number of IP datagrams that are discarded because of address errors, enter 52.

There could be quite a few things causing this based on that first sentence in the definition.

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answered 17 Mar '11, 06:03

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